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10 Easy And Delicious Thanksgiving Side Dishes To Make In One Single Pot

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Thanksgiving is approaching, which means one thing — if you haven’t decided what to bring to your family’s table, you’re running out of time. Perhaps you were banking on serving Stove Top until a sister-in-law agreed to bring “the real thing” over. (Sigh.) Or maybe you had plans to go all out for a dish but realized that preparation should have started days ago. If you’re here right now, it’s for a reason — you’re looking for ideas.

The good news is that since Thanksgiving is all about food, there’s no side dish that’s necessarily “wrong.” Some people celebrate with sweet potatoes. Others feel as if mac and cheese is essential. Some families just need a basket of rolls to feel complete. Even if you experiment with a dish, it could turn out to be a holiday favorite for years to come. The only thing you shouldn’t bring to Thanksgiving is a competitive turkey. Unless it’s a Tofurkey brought over for dietary reasons, trying to one-up someone’s main dish typically won’t win you many friends. The best Thanksgiving spreads have a little something for everyone.

The holiday is all about sharing, and having too much food is all part of it. While it’s polite to bring a dish, you should also take some Tupperware along with you. That food can create a bunch of future lunches. That’ll help you save you money for holiday presents, and control your waste. If your dish completely disappears by the end of the night, consider it to be a win.

Here are some ideas that won’t take up too much time or use up too many appliances.

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