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10 Family-Friendly Dog Breeds That Barely Shed

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Getting a dog was something I never thought I could persuade my parents to do. But when I was in third grade, they had a change of heart. My sister and I were both lobbying for smaller pets at the time. Considering our requests, my parents agreed that a dog would be a better fit.

However, the breed was important. These days, I am all about rescuing dogs at the shelter. But as a kid, my parents chose the breeder route. We bought a bichon frise, and one of the selling points was that she wouldn’t shed. Bichons are known as being mostly hypoallergenic and great family dogs, so it was a complete win.

Buttons came into our family and made it complete. Sure, her hair required constant brushing and grooming. However, our house was free from stray dog hair. It was a nice bonus.

Getting a dog who doesn’t shed is great for those who may be allergic. Or those who just want their clothes and furniture to remain as fresh-looking as possible. Bichons are fantastic dogs. But if you’re searching for other dogs who don’t shed, here are a few you’ll want to take a look at.

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