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10 Fun And Educational Books That Teach Kids All About Bullying

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Every once in a while, the phrase “I’m glad social media wasn’t around when I was in school!” floats around in my friend group. I’m currently 36 and got into networks like MySpace and Facebook at the tail end of college.

Even then, I had a pretty good idea of how to present myself online, based on the fact that I was obsessed with AOL as a kid. Back then, the big threat was giving out your information to strangers. These days, kids are more worried about being bullied online by people they actually know. With social media literally being in everyone’s pocket, it’s much harder these days for kids to feel safe from negativity, even at home.

Right now my daughter is three. And, I’m already starting to think about the future. I want her to learn about bullies in all forms at an early age, just so she knows how unfortunately common they may be. I also want her to feel prepared if she’s ever verbally attacked. And of course, I’d want her to know the importance of kindness. I’d never want her to bully other children.

That’s why books are an incredible resource — and, kids are never too young to learn from them. They’re also good to have around if you ever need a refresher. Books can easily show your child the cause and effect of bullying. And the more they know about how to stop bullying, the more of an asset they’ll be to their school and the overall community.

Looking for books about bullying? Here are 10 must-have titles.


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