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10 Lovely Last-Minute Etsy Gifts That Will Ship Just In Time For The Holidays

When people started prepping for the winter holidays well before Thanksgiving came around, it just seemed … soon. But for those who slacked on buying presents, now it’s officially almost too late. Sure, many of you might depend on your Amazon Prime membership to help you out of this situation. But what about the people on your list who deserve something a little more personalized?

Etsy is the absolute best place to shop for your loved ones — and its sellers are usually on the ball about shipment times. If you’ve never perused the site before, think of it as the world’s largest craft fair. People have legitimately opened their own small businesses through Etsy and haven’t had to deal with the cost of a storefront or employees. Simply put, it’s the best way to connect with crafters who are looking to make you a beautiful present.

The one bad thing about Etsy? It’s not universal. Many sellers have different timetables as to when they’ll be able to ship their products to you. That means that you need to be extra careful when you read each listing, and make sure your dream item isn’t shipping from a country that might cause some delay. Even so, New Year’s Eve presents are also nice to get — just as long as you make sure you tell your recipient that they definitely have something on the way.

Here are 10 of the best Etsy finds that’ll help you complete your holiday shopping list on time.

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