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10 Ridiculously Discounted Home Goods From The Last Day Of Walmart’s Big Save Sale

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Today is the last day of Walmart’s Big Save Sale, and the deals are so fantastic it’s nearly criminal to pass them up. The bix box giant has a particularly excellent batch of home goods on sale right now.

If you spend any amount of time in the kitchen, you may be particularly interested in finding out what kind of deals are still available. There are numerous types of air fryers available, including the Instant Vortex 6-Quart 4in1 Air Fryer ($89.99) and the Ninja Food 4-in-1 Indoor Grill 4-Quart Air Fryer ($169.00) that can roast and bake your food.

If you’re all set on your fast-meals-at-home shopping, Walmart still has plenty of kitchen items on sale that will dazzle you. The Tramontina Primaware 18-Piece Nonstick Cookware set is only $35.96. But it’s possible that you saw it, loved it, but were like, “Man, do I really need an 18-piece cookware set in my tiny kitchen?”. If that’s the case, don’t worry: there’s also a 9-piece option by the same company for only $19.88.

But maybe you’re not really much of a chef, or you’re just a little tired of even thinking about your kitchen because you see it so often these days. I get that. Walmart also has tons of truly random home goods on sale, like this Smoko Haru Tuna Sushi Amibent Light ($11.99). Too much for you? It’s okay, I can tone it down! Why not pick up a 24 piece towel set ($43.98) or even an upholstered bed frame ($109.00) instead?

If you’re looking for home goods for the kids, there are plenty of options. Take, for example, these weighted blankets that come in four options: Frozen, Paw Patrol, Baby Shark, and L.O.L. Surprise! ($19.97). If those four themes aren’t really to your liking, there are plenty of other options to choose from.

It turns out that “home goods” also encompasses a whole host of delightfully random items as well. If you woke up today and thought, “Oh, boy, today is the day that I’m going to be a giant string of rainbow lights,” I have such a treat for you! You can get 16.4 feet of 300 rainbow LED lights for only $12.98 today. If that’s not random, I don’t know what is.

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