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10 Steps To Perfecting Your Photo Game And Earning Some Money

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If you’ve snapped the photos of your friends’ families for their holiday cards, captured those incredible candids of your child’s first smash cake, and been told a thousand times over that you could get paid a ton of money for your photos, maybe you should. Learn everything you need to know to turn that innate talent into a side hustle with actual income through this Complete Photography Side Business Bundle. Start your new business while the photography bundle is massively discounted.

The bundle of 10 classes covers everything from composition to software tips that will take you from a hobbyist photographer to a professional. It all kicks off with a beginner’s course where you’ll learn how ISO, shutter speed, and aperture work. Once you’ve mastered that, you’ll jump into the master class that’s intended to help you learn to shoot manually and give you artistic control over the light, lenses, and creative direction in every shot you snap.

There’s so much more to being a photographer than what you do behind the camera. In today’s world, understanding photo post-production can be equally important. The Complete Photography Side Business Bundle includes five classes in various specialties of Lightroom to help you master photo editing. You’ll get workflow tips from a 30-year photography veteran in the 5-Step Lightroom Classic Workflow course, beauty retouching techniques in the Lightroom Portrait Beauty Retouching course, and tips for seven easy presets that can cut your workflow in half.

The bundle will give you a well-rounded skill set with additional focuses in fall photo presets, Lightroom workflow for wedding photographers, and more. Do something for yourself today and take a step toward earning money in return for your talent. The Complete Photography Side Business Bundle is on sale for just $29 (valued at $1,990) for a limited time. 


The Complete Photography Side Business Bundle – $29

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Byline: Violet Shepard

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