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12 Celebrities Who Most People Don’t Realize Are Immigrants

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Immigrants contribute so much to the United States. We are truly a melting pot of cultures and experiences, and it’s one of our greatest gifts.

Yet, that isn’t always seen as a positive. There’s a lot of negativity surrounding the subject of immigration. Sometimes, people removed from generations of hardship can’t understand the logistics of the sacrifices that have to be made.

One way for people to appreciate what immigrants contribute to our country is to think of how many celebrated figures in the US were actually born elsewhere. There are many celebrity immigrants who came to this country and ended up contributing something big.

What’s increasingly interested is that so many came as children. They weren’t aware that the country they were arriving in had expectations or prejudices against them. They just knew they wanted to live up to their potential, and this was a place for it.

Here are some celebrity immigrants who have made immense contributions to entertainment.

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