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12 Ways To Decorate A Pumpkin Without Getting Anywhere Near A Knife

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Going to the pumpkin patch (or at least the grocery store) is an October tradition that we all cherish. Every pumpkin is a fresh canvas for your child’s creativity, and decorating them together is a wonderful way to celebrate Halloween as a family.

Even though some of us love to carve into the pumpkin and harvest the seeds, you’ll need to get the timing just right. Otherwise, you might face a mushy disaster. It’s recommended by Real Simple to not carve your pumpkins more than three days away from the holiday. That makes sense, but it’s often hard to tell children that they need to wait. Kids are already excited by the holiday as-is. To them, it’s torturous to see a bare, undecorated gourd hanging outside on the porch.

That’s why it’s great to embrace all of the forms of pumpkin decoration. If you don’t carve into it, it has a much longer lifespan. Plus, by avoiding carving, you’re exploring your creativity without the fear of accidentally hacking away too much by mistake. And yes — we’ve all been there before.

Might I add, carving takes up a lot of time and makes quite a mess. Unless you have a good technique, you may get pumpkin innards all over the kitchen. It’s fine for a once-a-year tradition. But if you’re running out of time, or don’t have much space, you may be looking for alternative ways to spread your Halloween spirit.

Here are 12 innovative ways to decorate your pumpkins that don’t require tools or kits.

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