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14 Adorable Pups Who Look Even Better In Uniform

There are few things in the world cuter than puppies, but what about pups in uniform? These 15 ambitious doglings have a job to finish, so don’t worry, you fluffy monsters, we’ll just Instagram you and move along.

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1. This guy can give you the Lowesdown on all the latest hardware.

2. Ready to save the world, one neck fold at a time.

3. These two buds are prime examples of good pupsmanship before the big football game.

4. “Maaa, do I have to go to school today?”

5. This guy has some really crazy stories from the trenches.

6. Catcalling has taken on a whole new meaning at this construction site.

7. Everyone wants a handsome fella to put out their fire.

8. “I may be fluffy, but I’m still your commanding officer. Now, drop and give me bacon!”

9. “I’ve been at sea for a while, so excuse my disheveled appearance.”

10. Grrr, sailor. Get on the starboard bow!

11. This referee doesn’t want any foul play but could certainly use some fowl play…

12. Paging Doctor Dog. We have an emergency – there’s a squirrel in paw’s reach.

13. A wise and droopy face makes for a great Supreme Court Justice.

14. “I am Santa? This is Christmas?”

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