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14 Dogs Goofing Off For Toothy Tuesday

If you live on Facebook or Instagram, odds are you’ve heard of Toothy Tuesday — an adorable way for your pup to compete with other dogs to find out who has the best smile. These pictures run the gamut, with some pups showing their goofiest side and others looking like dinosaurs. Take a look at these dog’s grinning pictures and let them inspire your next Toothy Tuesday!

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“It’s a tough job looking so good.”

“No pictures please, I feel sleepy.”

“I refuse! I absolutely refuse!”

“Take a selfie! I want a silly selfie!”

“I’m ready for my close up!”

“Don’t put that in my face! You know I don’t like cameras!”

“The ball started it! I’m gonna finish it!”

“What can I say? The view is much better from down here!”

“Why must you disturb my sleep human? I need my beauty rest.”

“Why do you think I look funny? This is my natural look!”

“Jurassic Park here I come! Mine, Mine, Mine!”

“I’m just cleaning my pearly whites. Can’t do anything until they are crystal clean.”

“Do I have something in my teeth? I can’t tell.”

“I am a lion, look at me Roar!”

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