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14 Wonderful Children’s Books That Celebrate Latinx Heritage

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Any Latinx person who grew up outside of Gen Z might recall a childhood that lacked representation. Even today, there aren’t many books that celebrate the many aspects of Latinx heritage and culture. Despite the United States’ proximity to Latin America, there aren’t a lot of facets of that culture present in our society that aren’t rooted in stereotypes. It makes it difficult for parents who are trying to infuse that culture into their children’s lives.

Thankfully, children’s literature has made great strides in representation. From board books all the way through YA, there are more selections than ever before. Many authors have beautifully depicted Latinidad in their works. Some celebrate important figures in Latinx history. And there is a growing body of books by authors from Latinx backgrounds, sharing own-voices narratives.

Today, there are books for kids of all ages that illustrate and celebrate Latinidad in all its beautiful forms. These inclusive selections make a wonderful addition to any child’s bookshelf.

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