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15 Dogs Who Just Want To Say “Cheeeese!”

Saying “cheese” when taking a picture is a sure way to elicit a smile, because it’s pretty hard to not smirk when randomly sprouting out the word “cheese.” Not to mention it’s just so happens to be a funny word. Though the origins of the phrase are a little sketchy, there’s one thing we do know: These 15 pooches are desperately trying to mimic us hoomans as we say “cheese” and smile for the camera. Here are 15 dogs who just want to say “CHEEEEESE.”

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1. “GRRRARR, My eyes were closed!”

2. “Teeth and one eye—-halfway there!”

3. “Okay, wide smile and both eyes closed…not sure I’m getting the hang of this.”

4. “Heeheee I’m legit so cute that I can’t stand it.”

5. This one is going in the high school year book next to “Most Likely to Succeed.”

6. “uhh huhhh huhh huhhh”


7. “Quick I just got my teeth brushed—look at my pearly whites!”

8. Family photo-op.

9. “Maaaaa, do I have to wear the pig outfit again???!”

10. Dave, age 2 1/2.


12. “I totes look like a hyena in this one.”

13. “Cheee—bleh.”


14. “Ho ho ho—where is there cheese?”

15. “If you can get a closer-up on my nose, that would be great.”Source: @karopelto/Instagram

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