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15 Fall-Themed Collars And Leashes For Dogs Who Won’t Tolerate Costumes Or Sweaters

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Roughly one month after getting married, my husband and I decided to expand our family — we got a dog. When we met Burly at a shelter in Pennsylvania, it was love at first sight. While I had owned a dog before, it was a first for my husband. But we were both very excited about it.

In our minds, we had great ideas for the future. We’d take Burly to the dog park! We’d run with him every morning, and magically become athletic! And of course, we’d dress him up in fun costumes! After we got him, most of these ideas somewhat fell apart. Turns out, Burly isn’t a big fan of other dogs. He gets very nervous and doesn’t know how to act. We assumed that back as a young pup, he was never socialized.

But, we loved him anyway — and he became a big part of our family. For a few years, he tolerated the Halloween costumes I put him in every year. Usually, he stayed in it for a solid 20 minutes. I usually had one good picture. Then, he was done with the idea. As he became more and more comfortable with the family, he became even less tolerant of the costume. It’s like he knew he didn’t have to prove himself after a while — he knew he was in this family for life.

Burly’s last costume was in 2016 when I was pregnant with my first child. From there on out, my daughter took over costume duties and is much more excited about it. However, there are still plenty of ways that Burly — and dogs like Burly — can comfortably celebrate the season. Here are 15 great collars and leashes that scream fall.

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