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15 People Share Their Most Recent Random Act Of Kindness

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Sometimes, it’s the littlest things that can turn your day around. If you want to pass on that good feeling to someone else, why not participate in a random act of kindness? It doesn’t have to be anything major. Sometimes, something as simple as holding a door for another person or showing appreciation for the things that go unnoticed can make a tremendous difference in someone’s day.

The more stories you hear about people performing random acts of kindness, the more you’ll want to do a little something for someone. That good feeling of doing something selfless is one you just can’t pass up. If you believe in karma, you’ll even recognize that it could put the universe to work at something good for you when you least expect it.

You shouldn’t do something good for someone else just for your own benefit, of course. Incorporating a random act of kindness into your routine every now and then will help you build an appreciation for all the little things life has in store. It also is a wonderful way of setting a good example for your kids. In this Reddit thread, people shared the last random act of kindness they performed. These stories will inspire you and warm your heart.

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