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15 Puppies In A One-Sided Relationship With The Cat

Puppies are bright eyed, wiggly, affectionate little creatures who just want to bestow their love upon any-and-everything in their paths… including cats. While some kitties are totally down to take a pupper under their wing, other felines just ain’t havin’ it.

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These are 15 puppers whose affections have gone unrequited by their would-be-BFF (Best Feline Friend).

1.”Can I pleeeeeease come over there yet? No? How about now? No? Okay, fine.”

2. “Hi Hi PLAY WITH ME PLAY WITH ME Hi PLAY WITH MEEEEEE!!!”3. “You can keep pushing me away, cat, but deep down in my puppy-heart I know we are meant to be.”

4. “Oh sure, I’ll just admire you from afar, then.”

5. “I’ve been sitting here for over five minutes and she hasn’t even acknowledged my presence once.”

6. “Wait. Come back! Where are you going? What did I do??”

7. “Okay, cat. Either come outta that box or scooch over and make some room.”

8. “C’mon! Let’s wrestle! C’mon! I ain’t scared of y.. AHHHH! MOM!!!!”

9. “I’m offering you my squeaky bear toy as an olive branch. Now may I please snuggle you?”

10. “I just wanted to give him a kiss. Why did he run away?”

11. Dog: LOVE ME! / Cat: Bi$h, please!

12. “C’mere!!!!! I LOVE YOUUUU.”

13. “Oh hello! I mean, no. I’m sorry. Not hello. Nope.”

14. You can’t hurry love, no you just have to wait / she said love don’t come easy / it’s a game of give and take

15. Step off.Source: cannedsutra/

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