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15 Times Strangers Proved There is Still Hope For Humanity

Living in today’s society we sometimes feel alone in our battles.

Even though everyone has their own problems to deal with – we cannot help but wonder if we will ever have someone to lean on. Thus, in times when we feel like everything is going against us, would there be someone to hold us back?

Fortunately, the world is still full of good people and we have compiled some of the most heartwarming acts we’ve seen so far.

They say the internet is a cruel place, but we couldn’t help to still be thankful that through it we can see random acts of kindness shared by a stranger – to a stranger.

Here are 15 pictures that will prove to you that humanity is still very much alive.

1. Helping them to be Better

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Image Source (c) Reddit[/caption]

Whenever you help someone temporarily, by giving them food or money – it would help them for a short time.

However, if you help them by giving them opportunity to survive will change the quality of their life. Just like this homeless guy who was given a cashier job in the local Starbucks.

As a result, not only do they give him an opportunity, but a better chance in life as well.

2. Permission to Play

(c) Image source Google [/caption]

It must have been a cute surprise for the receiver once they opened the letter from their nearby neighbor.

Usually, you don’t  expect someone to write you a letter just to ask for permission right? Much so if its just permission to play hoops in your home yard court.

Thankfully, the owner is kind enough to share their court to this girl named Emma.

3. Extended Roof

Image source (c) Reddit [/caption]

The vehicle owner must be so glad that one concerned civilian came and put an umbrella down that hole.

If it weren’t for the kindness of this random person, the car must be all soaking wet. What a disaster it must have been if it weren’t for that extended roof.

4. Someone Deserves a Treat

Image source (c) imgur[/caption]

You wouldn’t really think that renting out an actual CD is still a thing, however it still is for some. And it must have been a delightful surprise when one customer returns the CD with an extra dollar to treat you for a snack.

It surely does make someone’s day even brighter don’t you think?

5. Stranger Players

Image source (c) Reddit[/caption]

They say younger generation has forgotten essential values in life – like humanity for instance. Yet, every day more people proves that it still does exist.

Take for instance this older man who is standing patiently at the other side of the chess floor, hoping someone would come play with him. Fortunately, this young man passed by and saw the old guy, without hesitation he started playing with him. If it isn’t sweet, then I don’t know what is!

6. I’ll cover you up

Image source (c) Pinterest[/caption]

When this folk forgot to close up his car window, a stranger decided to put something to cover it up.

It must have same him from getting stuff stolen inside – or worst, his car would have been stolen. The stranger must have had a beautiful soul.

7. The unexpected ride

Image source (c) Reddit [/caption]

When all hopes are gone, there will always be that one special person who will help you up. For example, this Reddit user who shared his experience of giving some random kid a ride to school because he missed his bus.

He surely does have something else to do, but he chose to take a time off and drove the young kid to school speaks volume of how one could be so selfless! Kudos to those people who feel the needs of others!

8. A chain effect of kindness

Image source (c) Imgur [/caption]

This is probably like a scene in one of those feel-good movies where random acts of kindness do exist.

Thankfully – this is not a movie scene and it happened to one person who seems to be having a bad tire day.

We could all hope he does the same next time, as this stranger wanted.

9. Fenced by Friends

Image source (c) Reddit[/caption]

Sometimes, we are too busy with our own little world that we forget to do even the simplest thing – like repairing our fence.

Antonia shared her gratitude to her neighbors who voluntarily did the job for her, no questions asked! They did not even take the money and called it fine.

Surely, there are wonders in this world with people like her neighbor who does good deeds to others without expecting anything in return.

10. A 10-minute joyride

Image source (c) Reddit [/caption]

It’s an ordinary day and this guy saw an old lady going in Please Share On Facebook/Pinterest office which would open for the next ten minutes. Since there’s still time to pass, why not go on a road trip right?

This old lady must have had the most unexpected 10-minute ride of her life. What a way to pass the time and to show friendship to random strangers!

11. Shared symphony

Image source (c) Reddit[/caption]

It is always heart warming to know that someone appreciates your craft.

Like this musician who received a random appreciation from the neighbor who loved his music. He must be a very good musician to make his neighbor sway to his tunes.

12. A Chance to Live

Image source (c) Facebook[/caption]

In times of pandemic, you would expect everyone to be rushing in the stores and getting what they needed the most. But when one person clearly needed it more than you – would you give it up? It would be big yes for this man.

He gave up the last available generator in store to this woman who obviously needed it more than him.

Why you might ask. because she needs it for his father’s life support! Not only did this good Samaritan helped the woman, he also helped preserved a life of a father.

13. Subway Folk

Image source (c) Reddit[/caption]

Let’s admit it, doing our tie is not that easy. This might also be the case of this young man in the subway who seems to be having a hard time doing his tie.

Luckily for him, this old guy reaches out to help and tied his tie for him.

He must have had a lot of years doing his own tie that he could do it easily to this guy. What a good day to be in a subway!

14. Somebody Understands

Image source (c) Imgur[/caption]

You know how they say that being a mother is hard and challenging right? Luckily for this woman, when his kid was throwing tantrums while dining in a restaurant, the cashier cheered her up by leaving a note to her receipt.

It might be simple but it’s like a tap at the back to let you know that you’re doing fine.

15. Camaraderie at its Finest

Image source (c) Reddit[/caption]

Were do we find neighbors who are as helpful as this guy’s neighbor are?

Truly indeed, help comes the least you expect it and it would surely warm your heart.

Indeed, people never fails to amaze us everyday.

Random acts of kindness reminds us that there is still so much good that the world has to offer.

Thus, never forget to do your part and spread kindness around you – you may never know how you will make someone else’s day better just with your simple deed. Be kind!