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16 Hilarious And Adorable Halloween Costumes That Dogs Won’t Hate

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I adopted my dog back in 2012. Even though I did all of the research and prepped for his homecoming the best that I could, there were still things I learned along the way. For one, my dog doesn’t really get along with other dogs. Secondly, he hates most Halloween costumes — especially those with hoods on them.

Even though he will tolerate a sweater or two during the colder months, Halloween has always been a gamble. Nobody wants to make their pet uncomfortable, but it’s also hard to see the costume selection at Target every year and think, Maybe this year he’ll change his mind. Word to the wise: He never will. If he’s uncomfortable in an elaborate costume, he’ll always be uncomfortable.

The very last costume I tried for him was the biggest success. He was a Democratic presidential candidate. He wore the costume indoors (since, remember, any sort of Halloween dog parade wouldn’t fly with this guy), but he didn’t reject it as he did the other Halloween costumes I’ve tried years prior. Why? Because it fit him like a shirt. It didn’t include a lot of extras, and it didn’t get in his way.

Even though we love our pets, sometimes we forget that they’re not all that familiar with Halloween. They don’t realize that it’s an annual tradition to dress up in costume and have fun. Instead, they just see it as an obstacle that wasn’t there yesterday. Every dog is different, but some just can’t really adjust or adapt to an extra layer.

Here are 16 Halloween costumes that your temperamental dog might not hate this year. Because remember — it’s only a happy holiday if your pup isn’t miserable.

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