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16 Pictures That’ll Teach You Some of The World’s Strangest Secrets

Have you surfed the internet recently? Up close and keenly?

Well, if you have, you would appreciate the fact that there happen to be several unique pictures surfacing on the internet every hour. What is most intriguing is that we are just beginning to learn exactly how amazing our world is.

Many pictures show that what we usually take as strange is actually quite normal at other places. If you have a certain away of looking at things, then seeing these strange and unusual pics will blow your mind. Here are some pictures that show us the hidden secrets of our world.

Number # 1. 

When you need to drive through molten lava or a hot fiery place, you’ll probably need something like this.

These wheels are probably the hardest on the planet and can withstand temperatures that will melt most metals. This has to be crowned as the monster-wheel of all…!

Source: Reddit | northstar182028

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While the wheels are made from rubber, they are protected with an extra layer of chins to prevent them from burning. Simply WOW! And, it’s about time to get one for your car!

Number # 2.

Tokyo is not like you would imagine it to be underground. The city has constructed these large tunnels underground to help redirect the flow of water during a flood.

Source: Reddit | BeardedGlass

While one may think that spending billions of dollars on such infrastructure would be a waste of money, but it’s not. These tunnels have the ability to prevent billions of dollars in damage caused by flooding each year.

Number # 3. 

An astounding view of the Kowloon Walled City in vibrant Hong Kong, that was once the most populated places in this world!

Source: Reddit | ThatsInsane

It is interesting to note that the city of Kowloon initially was set up as a Chinese military fort. However, it later turned into a settlement that remained ungoverned that inhabited 33,000 individuals by the year 1990. It has been a sad fact that in 1994 the city was finally demolished.

Number # 4. 

This trapiche emerald is one of the most unique varieties in the world. It has six equal sized sections, making it a prized piece of jewelry.

Source: Reddit | leakytoquito

This shape usually forms when the emerald comes into contact with black carbon during its formation, which is quite a rare occurrence. Do you want one on your ring?

Number # 5. 

Let’s clear one striking thought first…this picture is not from an adventure-or-thrill park. It’s a real photo of an abandoned World War 2 plane that crashed in a South Pacific Island.

Source: Reddit | rockystl

Many planes have gone unaccounted for during World War 2, and such a sight is not uncommon.

Number # 6. 

Death is never supposed to be fun, but did you know that they put this over your eyes when you die?

Source: Reddit | northstar182028

It’s no wonder that some of the strangest practices evolve around burying the dead. You certainly don’t want to see a dead person open their eyes, though!

Number # 7. 

Las Vegas was never such a populated city until people became interested in looking at nuclear tests.

Source: Reddit | Smithsonian Channel

When most nuclear testing was being conducted near Vegas, many people used to visit the city just to see the effect of a nuclear bomb test.

Number # 8. 

Look at the amazing shades that this painting contains. It looks more like a modern masterpiece than a 10,000-year-old cave painting.

Source: Reddit | Pikamander2

It’s true that even 10,000 years ago, people had a taste for art, and such paintings are quite common on the walls of caves.

Number # 9. 

These trees recognize that their neighbors need space too, which makes them avoid intertwining.

Source: Reddit | whysomanyemmas

Scientists think that this growth is to prevent other trees from taking all the sunlight.

Number # 10. 

The Ethiopian bible is one of the oldest versions available.

Source: Reddit | emeraldtwigs

It is much older than the oldest English translation as well and is being translated into different languages for preservation.

Number # 11. 

It does appear to be an intricately carved sculpture; however, these are really the interesting pattern of the crabeater seal’s teeth! Whoa! It does look amazingly artistic though.

Source: Reddit | bbywolfie29

It is also interesting to note that these seals do not eat crabs so much. Usually, crabeater seals feed on krill and these teeth are a great help. Their feeding mechanism is much like whales; they gulp a lot of water and let it escape through these curiously patterned teeth gaps and they retain the krill to savor later.

Number # 12. 

It’s not often that you see the sunrise at 2 am, but it’s quite common to see this in many northern countries.

Source: Reddit | Banankaffe

In some places, the sun doesn’t set for 24 hours in the summer and you may not see any sun at all during the winter. Now, as interesting and phenomenal as it sounds; it does come with certain costs (for instance some people struggle through psychological issues, such as Seasonal Affective Disorder during such a shift).

Number # 13. 

These Coke bottles look like grease cans, but they’re actually older versions of the Coke can.

Source: Reddit | LeKrispyKreme

Would you fancy drinking from them?

Number # 14. 

Who would have thought that the queen has a double?

Source: Reddit | CasualUK

But having a double can be very handy, especially if you are royalty!

Number # 15. 

A clock that works without cells. You only need to put it back on the slope after every 24 hours.

Source: Reddit | MyNameGifOreilly

It is a no-cost clock and one that would keep you amused throughout the day!

Number # 16. 

Back from the dead. This takahe bird from New Zealand was thought to be extinct for many years until it was rediscovered again.

Source: Reddit | environment

This fluff bird has to be the rarest beauty!