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19 Dogs With Two Different Eye Colors

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Heterochromia iridis is a condition in which an individual is born with two different eye colors. This stunning condition occurs in several species including humans, felines, and most importantly, dogs (duh).

This doggos zest for life is inspiring.That bandana really brings out his one eye.Givin’ ya that come hither stare.Lookit dat face, tho.He’s even cute when he’s throwin’ shade.Staring deeply into your soul.I’d hire this dog for literally acting job based on this headshot.Like mother, like daughter.“WOOHOO Yeah I have two different colored eyes look at me run a celebratory lap in this sand woooo”
Tiny pupper with hauntingly beautiful peepers posing next to a giant plant.
Wow, really makes you think.Dude, take a compliment! Your eyes are gorgeous!Holy guacamole, those eyeballs!!This dog’s got movie star good looks. Move ovah, Kate Bosworth…Look into my eyes and tell me the truth: did you get me a bday present?Somebody get this pup some shades to protect them gaaaah-geous eyeballs.Quic. Staring contes. Now. Go.Get lost in my eyes… or ears…. your choice.Oooooooh boy aren’t my eyes purdy?

Having two different colored eyes might not be “normal,” but there is no denying that these puppers’ peepers are pretty precious.


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