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19 Of The Fluffiest Husky GIFS On The Internet

1. This pooch who is so freakin’ excited for today! I mean, he can’t even!!

2. This couple that just wants you to feel the love tonight.

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Image via Avarothusknight

3. This dog that is smiling you into opening the door.

Image via One Curious Writer

4. This pup who’s just so embarrassed that you saw his mom giving him a kiss.

5. This little one who climbed into the refrigerator just so he could surprise you.

6. This Husky who is over the whole “fur vacuuming” thing.

7. This Husky who’s showing you how snow is really done.

8. These puppies that want you to stop working and come join their puppy pile.

9. This puppy who doesn’t know how to feel about being petted.

10. These ‘lil ones that are ready for the cute roll call.

11. These guys who want to show how tuff they are with their tug o’ war games.

12. Hey Hooman! This is how you really jump for joy!

13. This adorkable Husky pup that just doesn’t get how a water bowl works.

14. This fuzzbutt who wants you to know that it’ll be okay!

Image via End Of Rainbow

15. This Husky who has an unbiased cuddle ethic. Come one, come all.

16.These Husky babies that just want you to join them in their frolicking endeavors.

17. This one who knows how to really “throw some shade.”

Image via Colin Mo Chries

18. He shenanigan’d so hard, he’s just absolutely pooped.

19. And, this Husky that is coming at you with all the lickiness he can muster.Image via Platero