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20 Perfect Puns That Were Made by Life Itself

Puns are funny in different levels, sometimes it makes sense and sometimes it don’t.

Yet history would tell you that using puns have already been a practice dating back from the olden times.

It’s as if the wits of our ancestors does not fail to continually surprise us – puns are made to either make a point or make fun.

Yet life itself is the biggest pun of all. And when life made its take in creating real life pun, we couldn’t agree more that this are hilarious pranks we are bound to enjoy.

Here are 20 moments when pun made literal sense in real life. Prepared to be amazed!

1. The most convenient drive-thru

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(c) Imgur

Why is it called drive-thru if you can’t obviously drive through it? Luckily, this guy decided to end it once and for all, and literally drive in to the drive-thru booth of a local pharmacy. We could only hope that he got all his orders done.

2. Yep – He’s the step-dad

(c) Reddit

Ah, if it isn’t the model dad of the year. This guy is literal step dad as he allowed his kid to step over his shoulders so he could see the show. It must have hurt but he seems to be unbothered.

3. An F1 accident

(c) Imgur

Someone has been typing hard that this F1 key tumbles off. Or is it his take in making an F1 accident?

4. Mario brought his cart!

(c) Reddit

Department stores never fail to amaze us with the most random people we could ever met. But this guy doesn’t look so random though, it might have been that Mario took a stop and had his chores done. Either ways, Mario can do what he wants.

5. When the Tide turns against us

(c) Imgur

Obviously, a fan of pun did it in his random walk down the grocery aisle. Is he turning the tides against us?

6. Not a big fan either

(c) Reddit

Well, we are sorry but we really aren’t a big fan of small fans are we?

7. Someone has been extremely “welcoming”

(c) Reddit

You know you have been to friendly when your front porch mat looks like this! Someone give this person an award for the best host!

8. Blurred lines or pick up lines?

If you did not get the pun, then you don’t get a pick up line.

9. When spring is literally just around the corner

(c) Reddit 

When you are too anxious of the cold and you stumble upon this , you would surely think that spring is really just around the corner don’t you think? And whoever left that spring there must have done it in purpose.

10. Put your jacket on – it’s chili outside!

(c) Reddit

This Reddit user surely is a pun maker himself. Looking at this little chili on the road, good thing he did not run inside to get his coat.

11. Low Price indeed

(c) Imgur

The sign have never been more convincing than this one. You would really know they offer low prices.

12. Finally, we found the square root!

(c) Reddit

We have spent a good amount in our Math subject solving for that square root. Worry no more – as one person seems to be so done with it that he/she made an actual square root! Such a witty mind!

13. Someone did split this banana

(c) Reddit

We are not sure if this is just how he used to cut his banana, or he really intended the pun. Either ways, we want our banana split too!

14. The Layover we all wanted

(c) Reddit

This is probably what they meant by layovers. Thank goodness these dogs know exactly what to do.

15. Just gravity doing what it’s supposed to –

(c) Reddit

If you saw these in the cinema, you would surely think it is part of their marketing strategy. What better way to promote the movie entitled “Gravity” by literally letting it pulled down.

16. Spotlight’s right on the spot!

(c) Reddit

Not sure if this is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but this sure does hit the bull’s eye right on the target. You would probably feel the spotlight once you sit on it.

17. Truly, a screen shot

(c) Imgur

We couldn’t ask for more, this is indeed a shot in the screen. But we still think its better to have a screenshot than your screen, right?

18. Domino Effect

(c) Reddit 

Whoever caused this fall, might have done it purposely. This is indeed an actual domino effect.

19. It’s time to go, son.

(c) Reddit

We sometimes do animate the object around us. Take for instance this picture above, looking like a mother carrying her child. It looks so real sometimes.

20. The relationship we all wanted

(c) Imgur

Who doesn’t envy these horses? They seem to have a pretty much stable relationship. We could all just hope we have the same one for ourselves, either a horse, or a stable relationship.

Well, these are all exciting puns. Which one hits you the most?