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25 Unconventional Halloween Costumes That Showcase The Greatness Of Girls

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This year was the very first time my toddler had some actual input on what she wanted to be for Halloween. Prior to this, the costumes were well thought out by me months in advance. But at 2½, she was understanding the idea of dress-up. She might be too young to understand Halloween — or even Halloween costumes — as a whole, but this was the first time she could go door-to-door and have fun with it.

My husband and I brought her to the Halloween costume store in the mall. Immediately, she was obsessed with how fun and colorful the experience was. But the first thing she did? She put on a red firefighter’s hat and proudly walked around the store with it. I was equally proud. It was proof, in my eyes, that not all girls would immediately run toward the Disney princesses. Some had other goals in mind. Even though she didn’t choose to be a firefighter in the end, she was happy to entertain the thought. She saw that hat and didn’t let anything, or anyone, stop her.

These days, there are plenty of good Halloween costumes to encourage young girls to break the mold. You just need to know where to find them. While Spirit Halloween has a lot of good things within its rented floor space, you can also piece together items you find online to create something original and empowering. There are also incredible costume makers on sites like Etsy. They’d love to make your child’s holiday extra special and unique this year.

Halloween costume choice is ultimately up to your kids, but as their parent, it’s never a bad idea to steer them in unique directions. They will look back at pictures and feel happy that their Halloween costumes made a greater statement. Here are 25 of the best Halloween costumes for young girls that prove, even further, that women can be anything they want to be.

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