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250 Homeless Kids Get To Meet Santa In New York City Giving Tuesday Event

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Giving Tuesday is all about giving back, and that message was definitely embraced this year by the city that never sleeps. On Tuesday morning, an event took place at Macy’s Herald Square, where 250 homeless children from all over New York City were treated to a trip to Santaland as part of the 69th annual Operation Happy Children.

You can see the kids’ smiling faces as they approach Santa. He points them over to a stack of presents. It was nothing but pure joy for kids who likely don’t have enough of that in their lives.

On the Upper East Side at the YMCA on 92nd Street in New York City, that message was embraced yesterday, as well. School kids spent the day getting lessons in reading and changing the world. They learned about helping people in any way they can, doing their part, and taking care of the Earth. One little boy talked about the impact he can have in his community by recycling. “We’re teaching the kids a lot about the impact that they have, even though it might be small,” second grade teacher Taryn Friedman said.‬

The kids also had a read-along with children’s author Andrea Beaty, who wrote Sofia Valdez, Future Prez. She says it’s a story about how everyone can make a difference no matter where. Giving Tuesday was actually born at the 92nd Street YMCA, so it’s wonderful to see that they are still just as focused on giving back as ever.

Check out the video for more on what happened this Giving Tuesday.

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