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4 Photos With Hidden Details Only True Detectives Can Find

Solving riddles and puzzles is an excellent way to exercise the mind, which needs constant stimulation just like any other muscle in the body. In a previous article, we challenged our readers to find hidden things in these 4 postcards, and today, we’re bringing you a whole new series of images that will help you sharpen your sight and pay closer attention to detail.

We wants our readers’ minds to stay healthy and in shape, so today, we’re bringing you a new challenge of 4 illustrations that contain hidden details that you have to find. But beware, they’re not easy to spot. If you need help, just tap on the picture to see the correct answer.

1. Help the man find his lamp.

Check the answer now:

2. Where’s the bottle?

Check the answer now:

3. Where’s the cat hiding?

Check the answer now:

4. Can you find the 4 hidden faces?

Check the answer now:

How many right answers did you get? Which ones did you have the most trouble finding?