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6-Year-Old Girl Is Looking For A Forever Home After Her 3 Siblings Were Adopted

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According to MetroFamily magazine, there are 9,500 foster children in the state of Oklahoma, but only 5,243 approved foster homes.

There are so many kids looking for their forever families in Oklahoma and beyond, and the little girl you’re about to meet is one of them.

Kaitlynn is 6 years old, and though she’s small, she has a big personality and huge imagination. She loves glitter, hair bows, and reciting lines from her favorite movie, Disney’s Frozen.

One of the reasons she loves Frozen so much is because the film draws on themes of sibling connection, following the close bond between Elsa and Anna. It reminds her of the bond she shares with her own siblings.

Kaitlynn has three biological siblings who are currently in the process of being adopted — but she has yet to find the right family to call her own.

Because of the social distancing guidelines during the pandemic, Kaitlynn hasn’t been able to see her brother and two sisters as much as she’d like.

Her adoption worker says that has only made it more difficult for the sweet little girl, but she still has a positive outlook on life.

She would, however, absolutely love to have another sibling one day.

“She’s adjusted to the situation well, it’s just very important for her to maintain those sibling bonds because she loves her brother and her two sisters,” said her adoption worker, Tifani Burns.

For more information, please contact the DHS hotline at 1-800-376-9729.

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