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8 Classic Holiday Specials To Watch With The Entire Family This Season

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You’ve probably done a lot of television watching this year. For many of us, binge-watching on Netflix has been the one thing keeping us entertained. If you’re in this group, the holiday season is something to look forward to. Suddenly, our watching schedule has a purpose.

From a mom’s perspective, I’m especially excited about watching holiday specials this year. That’s because my daughter is finally old enough to understand, and possibly even enjoy, some of the classics. When holiday specials air on television, it’s the perfect reminder that Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Hanukkah are on their way.

Great classic films and specials can also bring peace, which so many of us need right now. There’s something comforting about watching certain specials. Oftentimes, they can remind us of holidays past. Or, they can serve as their own tradition. The movies we share with our kids will always hold a special place in their hearts.

The other good thing about specials? They’re fairly short. Since time is often limited, it’s good to be able to watch something shorter to feel festive. And if your children are like mine, it’s also great for small attention spans. For example, while I’d love for my daughter to watch Elf, I doubt she’ll get past Will Ferrell’s initial voyage to New York City.

Here are eight great family specials to help you get started.

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