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8 Reasons Why The Strongest Women Tend To Be Emotionally Exhausted.

1. She gives freely.

She is the kind of person who gives more than she receives. She always does things for others and never lets anyone do anything for them. This gives, without anything, what is good, but in the end it will be too much.

She does not know how to ask for something, and sometimes she deserves it. She is much more friendly than she should be.

2. She lets toxic people stick around for too long.

She is not good at beating the people of her life because she offers many more opportunities than she should. She always lets poisoned people stay longer than she should. She could finally break the tie if she had to, but it will last as long as she can and it’s one of her biggest falls.

3. She strives to be perfect.

She does her best to never hesitate. She strives to be perfect and give a good example of her environment. You will not see their insecure side or their weak points. The more time you spend with her, the more obvious it will be.

4. She doesn’t seek emotional security.

She does not seek emotional security. She does not want to be supported at this level because she thinks she can take care of herself. Sometimes she sometimes wants emotional security, but never reaches it.

5. She doesn’t put her own needs first.

She does not present her own needs. She takes care of all the others and falls behind the others. She is always the last and everyone always gets what she needs from her. She does not practice at the level where she should take care of herself and she does not know how important she is.

She thinks that as long as everyone is looked after, everything is fine, but she feels neglected because she allows others to put her in the position to neglect herself. She must really be ready to say the word “no”.

6. She never lets her emotions out.

She does not let go of her feelings. She fills them all and keeps them for herself. The more people hurry, the further away they are. She tries to hide the negative things and manage them when she is alone, which is rarely a good thing.

7. She takes on more than she can handle.

She always tries to do things for others. She tends to say yes, although she has a lot of work to do and constantly walks around doing things for the people of her life. Although she loves to be there for the people who matter to her, she also needs time here and there. Again, she has to work with her no “no”.

8. She never asks for help.

She does not ask for help from other people. She does everything she can, alone and refuses to help others. While this may suit everyone, it really pushes them to the brink.

Even if someone offers to help, she refuses. She likes to feel useful and working for herself gives her the feeling of doing it. She must also work on it.


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