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9 Parents Share Their Best Advice About Navigating The Tween Years

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The tween years aren’t easy. From hormones beginning to surge to friendship and (yikes!) relationship drama, it’s tough out there on our kids. To make matters worse from the parents’ perspective, while we remember our tween years, it’s hard to remember exactly how we felt and what we needed from our own parents at the time. It was simply so, so long ago.

That’s exactly how I feel when trying to communicate with my own tween. We love each other so much, but it’s become harder and harder to not butt heads. I constantly feel like all I do is ask a simple question, and suddenly I’m hit with a sassy attitude and a door in my face. It’s emotionally exhausting! But I know it’s emotionally exhausting on her, too.

I actually find the tween years to be really amazing. Tweens are some of the most easily excitable, fun, and adventurous people you can find. The self-discovery happening during the tween years is huge, and it’s endlessly fascinating to watch. However, the tough parts — like the moodiness, and the self-doubt, and the downright rude behavior — can test even the most patient parent.

There are so many things that make raising tweens tough. And right now, as we navigate new ways of schooling and our kids are still not socializing in the ways they are used to and that are healthy for them, it can be even tougher. As parents, we definitely need all of the support we can get when it comes to raising tweens.

We asked parents for their best advice for navigating these tumultuous years, and here are some of the gems:

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