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90% Of Viewers Couldn’t Spot The Error In This Picture! But Can You Find It?

It’s another beautiful day that comes with a perfect opportunity for you to test your eyes and improve your observation skills.

Today, we will be putting your mind to the test by asking you to crack two viral picture puzzles that have left viewers baffled.

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Let’s get straight to business.

Take a close look at the image below and try to spot a big error!

What did you discover? Have you found the mistake yet?

As you can see, the picture shows a room with blue walls and a big window. Inside the room, one can see a series of framed inspirational quotes and a desk with items such as a lamp and a laptop on top of it.

But don’t be deceived. Something isn’t right! Find the mistake now.

There is one big error in the picture, and only a few managed to find it in less than 10 seconds.

Can you break the record? Or are you still struggling with the answer? Once you’re done chasing after the error, scroll down to see the correct response!


If you liked the first test and passed it without a problem, you will surely find the second one to be even more challenging.

Once again, your task is to find an error hiding in the picture showing a home office with a cat inside it. Let’s go!

One can also spot a bunch of objects, including books, a trophy, and a calendar resting on top of the shelf to the left. The table is also full of items.

But where’s the error this time? That’s up to you to find out!

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