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96-Year-Old Pennsylvania Woman With An Entourage Of Admirers Bowls A ‘No-Tap’ 300

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When it comes to group sports, it’s tough to beat bowling. Many of us can recall elementary school parties that took place at bowling alleys. As a venue, they were ideal — since even if you could only land gutter balls, everyone still had fun.

96-year-old Sara Lyons from McKees Rocks in Pennsylvania likely hasn’t seen a gutter ball in quite some time. Sara has been making headlines due to the fact that at her age, she bowled a no-tap 300. “I’ve been bowling since I was 27 years old,” she said. “And, that’s a lot of bowling.”

Sara will be turning 97 this November, but her age isn’t stopping her from hitting the alley. Just by looking at her, you’d never guess she was in her late 90’s. Her form likely looks pretty similar to the way it did back when she first started the sport.

Her family knows she’s something special. In fact, watching Sara’s wonderful scores has been the uplifting mood they’ve needed this year. Bowling a no-tap 300 means that Sara knocked down 9’s on all 12 balls. Or, as LiveAbout describes the game, “In no-tap bowling, strikes are awarded for any pin count at or above a certain score. For example, any bowler who knocks down nine or more pins on his first ball is awarded a strike when you’re playing nine-pin no-tap. Nailing all 10 pins is not necessary.”

Not only is Sara a good bowler — she’s also an inspiration. She’s proving that age doesn’t mean anything when it comes to ability. Watch the video and cheer alongside her dedicated entourage.

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