Life Stories

A Friend Who is There in Your Bad Times

A friend who is there in your bad times is a friend for a lifetime.

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Friends are the precious gift we have. At each stage of our lives, we all have companions with us which are our friends at that stage.

It could be your friends from childhood. You and they share innocent childhood memories together. They are your first friends.

It could be your classmates. They’re your classmates, schoolmates, or acquaintances in school. You study, play, grow up together.

It could be your colleagues or someone you know from society. They work with you and share common interests with you.

Any friend is precious, but the one who accompanies you during your bad times is the most precious one. They stand by you, share difficulties, and help you get through everything. They are still there when you need them most.

These friends, whether they were childhood friends or school friends, or colleagues, whether close or less intimate with you, remain your lifelong friends.