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A Grandmothers Love for her Grandchildren

A Grandmother thinks about her grandchildren day and night. They are always in her prayers and even if they are not with her, they are always in her heart.

This is so extremely true.  It is so painful when you have a true relationship with those little people and the parent or parents deny you their presence.   Constantly praying 🙏 to see a little face again, to hug a little body, to hear laughter.

My children, grandchildren and great grands are what keep me going every day. They are my life and they could never do anything that would make me love them less, it is unconditional love for a lifetime!! They are special and i love them all so much, my heart is full!!

I Love my grandkids and great
grandchildren so much they are my
life i love them more than they will
ever know they mean everything to
me l would do anything for them they are such amazing, beautiful and clever kids i am so proud of all of them they are all so very special love you all so much.

God has blessed me generously with wonderful grandchildren. Thank you Lord…. grant them Lord fullness of life, good health, protection from harm and grant them the grace to give back to you honor and glory through sharing your blessings to others. Amen

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