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A Mom Is Speaking Out After Her Son Ate Hand Sanitizer In ‘Trolls’ Packaging

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Years ago, parents started worrying about Tide Pods. While the concept is great — and it’s a lot less messy than liquid detergent — the packaging might seem a little misleading. Sure, maybe it was just internet folklore that stated teens were eating them as a dare. But it could definitely be mistaken for candy by a much younger crowd.

Unfortunately, it seems as if manufacturers still aren’t learning their lesson. Even though hand sanitizer has been part of everyone’s daily life for months, more companies have been making it to avoid a shortage. Even some breweries have switched over, just to help the nation get a better handle on the virus. It’s possible that, based on the frenzy, certain safety precautions have been overlooked.

For example, one type of hand sanitizer created for children looks just like a standard applesauce pouch they may already eat for a snack. Even worse, it has characters from Trolls on it. If you grab it without reading it, you could end up with a trip to the emergency room. And since this is how many convenience food products are designed, the chances are high that you might serve it by mistake.

A grandmother in Canada did just that. Now her daughter is trying to get the word out. The more people who are aware of this Trolls packaging mishap, the better.

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