Life Stories

A young man wanted to end his life but when met a little girl, he changed.

A year ago, a young man wanted to end his life. He lost his job, he was broke and he has nothing left. He went to the nearest bridge in his house and attempted to jump to the river to end everything.

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He was crying so hard and while looking at the river, he remembered every pain and struggles that he experienced in life.

When he was about to jump, he heard a very loud cry from a little girl who was weeping beside him.

“Mommy! Mommy!

Where are you Mommy?” The little girl cried and cried.

He turned to the little girl, he wiped her tears and asked her, “What’s going on?”

“I don’t know where my Mommy is. She’s gone. I am sick and I want to be with her right now.” The lonely kid answered.

“Hanna! Hanna!”

A man in his forties was running towards them and keeps shouting her name. It was the kid’s father who was terribly worried for his daughter.

He hugged the little kid and told her: “Thank God you are safe. What are you doing here?”

“Dad, where’s Mom?” the girl asked.

“Your Mom is no longer here. Let’s go back to the hospital and rest.” he answered.

The young man was so confused with what happened.

The kid’s father looked at him and thanked him.

“Hanna has a stage four cancer and we need to confine her to the hospital. Her mom died because of the same disease. And we are praying right now that God will heal my precious child.

“She may go through a lot of pain but I know God will save her.” The father smiled to the young man. He held his daughter’s hand and said goodbye to him.

And that moment changed his life forever. He realized that he is not the only one who is struggling. There are people out there even innocent children who also experienced pain.

And because of the hope that he saw in the father’s smile, he realized that his problems where just nothing compared to what other people experienced.

The way you handle your problems and pain serve as a powerful message to the people around you.

Going through the hardest season in your life is one of the best opportunities to share God’s love.