An Elderly Married Couple Is Having Problems In The Bedroom. –

An elderly married couple is having problems in the bedroom….

So the wife goes to an adult toy store and asks the worker behind the counter what she can do to spice up her lovemaking.

The worker suggests some crotch-less panties and takes her to see some.

The wife looks at them and thinks they’re perfect She can’t wait to get home and wear them for her husband.

When she gets home she finds her husband is still out.

She makes her way up the bedroom to put on her new panties.

She eagerly waits for her husband to get home.

After some time she hears him come in.

He calls out to her, “where are you??”

“I’m in the bedroom, dear!” She replies.

He makes his way up to the bedroom and sees his wife laying back in bed.

“Want some of this?” She asks as she spreads her legs open to give him a nice view.

The man takes one looks and says,

“Hell no! Look what it did to your underwear!”