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An Expert Gives Tips On How To Deal With Online Bullying During The New School Year

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Some kids are thriving with online education this year. Others, not so much. While it’s a new format for all of us, people are finally getting adjusted. However, while it’s good for kids to have a safe alternative, there’s a lot of issues with kids having more screen time. And, with many parents also working from home, it may be somewhat tough to monitor what your child is actually doing.

Online bullying is still a fairly new concept for many parents. That’s likely because many of us didn’t grow up with social media. If we needed information about something for school, we went to the library. We also frequently used a card catalog to figure out what books were available. Even worse, it often took us a long time to navigate what book had what information in it. These days, search engines have taken over — and it’s made finding information so much easier.

But, the social aspect of the internet may still be tough. Unlike verbal bullying, negative words shared online may last forever. And, it can be tough for kids to know what to do in a situation where they’re bullied online. Luckily, Stephanie Newman, Ph.D., knows a lot about all types of bullying. While she’s authored many books on the topic, her most recent title is called Barbarians At The PTA — and discusses ways for both teens and adults to handle bullying. LittleThings got to chat with her, and she has some great information on how to deal with such a sensitive yet serious topic.

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