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An Office Is In Turmoil After Coworker Shares A Vegan Cake And Is Called ‘Unfair And Deceitful’

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Adopting the vegan lifestyle can be hard — but one of the hardest parts about it is trying to explain it to those you work with. One of the best parts of working for an office is that there are always work treats around. But if you’re a vegan, a lot of them can be off-limits.

The good news is that vegans seem to know how to handle their own diets. Often, they bring their own food to eat if they know the host is cooking up an animal-based main dish. It’s in their nature to plan ahead. And that’s one of the reasons why this story from Reddit will really make you think.

Every so often, people try to “challenge” vegans or those with food allergies with an ingredient they wouldn’t — or shouldn’t — eat. This practice can be dangerous for many. That’s why it’s important to be transparent with meals you’re feeding others. But it makes sense for this Redditor to be confused over what happened.

According to their story, they’ve been working at the same small company for roughly five years. Throughout that whole time, they’ve adopted a plant-based lifestyle. “Everyone knows each other really well, and some of us are actually family,” they wrote. “We often do potlucks or cake for special events. Because I am vegan, I often politely decline or bring my own vegan version to share. Sometimes, the person organizing whatever food event we’re having will make sure they’ve provided something vegan. So, everyone knows I’m vegan even though I’m very quiet and polite about it.”

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