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Anger is mostly dangerous

Anger is mostly dangerous and it has evil consequences. It can destroy relationships and harm God’s creatures. Learn to control your anger before it controls you.

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We should be more patience to keep relationship with others . Anger destroys most of relationships.

Controlling our anger where if not done, we might end up wronging others and standing up for justice, and against oppression are two different things. If one is being wronged, then he/she has to take corrective measures through proper channels to protect oneself from harm. Those who have been wronged unjustly have the right to raise their voice and seek justice.

One has to control anger because when a person does not restrain his anger, he insults, curses, swears and hits. Anger may be a door to all kinds of evil.

People should know that anger is very easy and it’s the reason why many families today are divided. Anger can lead to pride, which unfortunately leads some people to stop talking to their family’s members. the ties are sacred, they must be unbreakable. This is why you should always keep a cool head even in the most delicate and difficult situations. Do not say things that you will regret and that will destroy your relationships with others. We must have a good behavior. 

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