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Artists Recreates Famous Cartoon Characters Into Real Life Versions of Themselves

We all have adored the famous Disney fantasy series and the characters have created a deep bond in our hearts.

Disney Studio has this interesting habit of innovating the classical characters of its cartoon series every year.

And it is indeed exciting to envision these characters with a modern aura.

This time it has been one of the most striking perspectives on the revivalist movement for these cartoon characters, as Fernanda Suarez (all the way from Chile) and Jirka Vaatainen (from Finland) took it upon themselves to add an astounding flair of realism to these animated cartoon characters.

These artists have breathed a new life in the characters by portraying them as real-life individuals. It is not only exciting to see all your favorite characters with a new perspective, but they seem to be more alive and as if they have been walking among us!

Imagine Princess Jasmine as your next-door neighbor?!

Jirka Vaatainen and Fernanda Suarez have diligently created several realistic portraits of all these famous Disney villains, heroes, and princesses!

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out that your cherished Disney characters seem more enigmatic with all the charisma and magical touch intact.

It is a tough decision to figure out ‘THE BEST’ one among this series, but let’s dive in…!

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#1. The Handsome Cassim (Aladdin’s father)

Source: jirkavinse

Though Cassim doesn’t look so much like a father! From the Disney movie, ‘Aladdin’ Cassim’s character has always kept us interested but glancing at the real-life Cassim below…you can’t help but feel mesmerized! From the wrinkles to whites in his hair, the smile, and expressionism; this portrait truly breathes life into the character of Cassim.

#2. King Triton from The Little Mermaid

Source: jirkavinse

Triton, who played the role of Ariel’s father, is appearing as daunting and strong as ever! You have to admit, he looks just the way he is supposed to appear. With a determination in his eyes and a bold posture that suits a king, this portrait has done pure justice with Triton’s character.

#3. The Famous Zeus!

Source: jirkavinse

The Disney movie ‘Hercules’ has familiarized us more with the Greek god ‘Zeus’ than any mythological lore ever. You can feel the wisdom in his eyes and a very godly strength oozing from his character in this portrait.

#4. Enchanting Princess Jasmine

Source: jirkavinse

Well, words certainly escape when you try to comment on the serene beauty of this lively portrait of Princess Jasmine (from the movie Aladdin). If Jasmine ruled our hearts before, now after seeing this portrait, she is here to stay forever!

#5. Adorable Belle from ‘Beauty and the Beast’

Source: jirkavinse

The realism in her portrait is spending and it leaves you at a loss of words. The simplicity and innocence in her character are very evident from this portrait.

#6. The Magical Ariel

Source: jirkavinse

Ariel’s character from ‘The Little Mermaid’ was full of magic, ambition, dreams, and an intoxicating innocence. This real-life portrait of Ariel has made all of those aspects of Ariel all the more enticing. It is mesmerizing!

#7. Snow White

Source: fdasuarez

The mysterious aura around snow white is very apparent from this portrait. You can see a headstrong snow-white and every detail about this portrait blends in with the overall theme.

#8. The Jubilant Anastasia

Source: fdasuarez

We could see the zeal and vigor of Anastasia pulsating through this portrait.

#9. Lady from the movie ‘Lady and the Tramp’

Source: fdasuarez

Well, you must agree it is one amazing transformation!

#10. The Fearless Mulan

Source: fdasuarez

This portrait is everything that the character of ‘Mulan’ is about. You can sense the bravery, headstrong and decisive nature of Mulan. It depicts Mulan in an exuberant brave light that fills your heart with warmth.

#11. The Character of Esmeralda

Source: fdasuarez

From the ‘Hunchback of Notre Dame’ the character of Esmeralda certainly stands out. This portrait highlights liveliness and vigor about Esmeralda’s character very nicely. The choice of colors and expressions are utterly amazing.

#12. The Famous ‘Prince Charming’

Source: jirkavinse

We know him so well that it is a joy to finally be able to visualize his character in a real-life form. Simply marvelous.

#13. Beast from ‘Beauty and the Beast’

Source: jirkavinse

The character of Beast was not only the center of this movie but holds the most interesting place in the movie. This portrait depicts the ‘Beast’ in the most magical transformative moments of all!

#14. The Adventurous Aladdin

Source: jirkavinse

From the movie ‘Aladdin’ the central character of Aladdin is close to our hearts and this portrait has all the flair that his character stands for.

#15. The Charming Prince Eric

Source: jirkavinse

Prince Eric from the movie ‘The Little Mermaid’ is one of the most famous of all. You can see the liveliness and openness of his character from this portrait. Everything about this portrait makes you fancy how charming his character really is!

#16. Ooh…it’s Cruella de Vil…!

Source: jirkavinse

From 101 Dalmatians, none other than the most interesting ‘Cruella de Vil’; and the portrait goes above and beyond our expectations.

#17. The Character of Jafar

Source: jirkavinse

You can’t deny the truth and transparency in this portrait.

#18. Ursula from ‘The Little Mermaid’

Source: fdasuarez

With all her enchanting and vibrant aspects, this portrait of Ursula does justice to the character.

#19. ‘Vanessa’ The Alter Ego of Ursula

Source: jirkavinse

The purest and sweet depiction of Ursula’s alter ego! You can’t help but be in awe.

#20. Gaston from ‘Beauty and the Beast’

Source: jirkavinse

An amazing revival of his character.

#21. Hades from Hercules

Source: jirkavinse

You can’t ignore the ominous flair of Hades! This portrait is truly magical and brings a chill down your spine as you feel the realism in it.

#22. The Famous Evil Queen…!

Source: fdasuarez

From the movie ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’, Evil Queen’s character was one of the main characters and most interesting too. The portrait reveals cunningness in her character and the darkness that encapsulates her persona.

#23. Scar from ‘The Lion King’

Source: fdasuarez

The last one (but not the least) on our list is the portrait of ‘Scar’ from the movie ‘The Lion King’. The portrait is breathtaking! You can feel the power and determination pouring out.

So, which portrait did you love most?

Photo Credits: Disney Studiosjirkavinse and fdasuarez