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Artist’s Thought-Provokingly Bizarre Photos Gain Her Millions of Followers

Provoking artworks is becoming a trend in the world of art. Recently, one artist made a name for herself as her bizarre artworks circulated all over social media.

Her artworks mostly express the reality of life portrayed bizarrely and whimsically. The genius behind these though-provoking artworks is Ellen Sheidlin, or Sheidlina on her Instagram account – a 25-year-old artist who recently gained millions of followers on her account, as she gained popularity for her creative vision which are both disturbing yet creatively appealing.

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Not only does she combine digital photography, editing, and fashion in her art, but also she fully showcases herself as a subject in each of her works. It cannot be denied that it might be disturbing to look at, but surely it is a work of pure creativity in a whole new level.

“Like for Chronic Self Esteem”

Sheidlina portraying in her artwork which she named “Like Pills”


The depiction of a woman lying seemingly unconscious to the floor with a rainbow vomit of “like” signs scattered all over, speaks volume of how stressful our society can be. The pressure to be appreciated and accepted by the people is highly regarded as important. Who doesn’t want to be accepted right? But with her expression – one could say that putting too much effort into being accepted could take a toll in your own life.

“Overcoming the horror of oneself”

An artwork by Sheidlina, posted on her Instagram account that talks about overcoming one’s fears

Through her Instagram posts, Sheidlina constantly portrays artworks that promote acceptance of oneself.

In this artwork, she mentioned how it is important to understand that our fear of self-expression, fear of being misunderstood or ridiculed hinder us from growing to our full potentials. This artwork surely does remind us that there is power in accepting our weaknesses that draw out to be our strength in the end.

“Hands All Over Me”

One of the most disturbing works of art by Sheidlina posted in her Instagram account

This is one of the most disturbing among her works. The anxiety and discomfort of her expression which ends up leaving us confused but amazed by her extreme idea of expressions. Surely am lost for words!

“New Identity, New Me!”

Sheidlina’s artwork which she posted last year on her birthday with a caption – “A new identity, a new life, a new chance.”

Her take on starting a new chapter of life by depicting an ice sculptured version of herself staring down at her. Her artistic vision to portray a fresh start to life as one dosed away from her old self and becoming better versions of themselves. A concept that is truly relatable and properly executed at the same time!

“Comfort in Your Own Skin”

An image posted in her Instagram account with a caption – “This is my body.”

As a rising influencer with millions of followers online, Sheidlina indeed showed in her bizarre means of how one should be comfortable in whatever body type they have. The execution of staging herself as a chair relaxing chilling in her own skin reminds us that one should always remain true to herself/himself.  An unusual reminder for us to love the skin were in!

“Delicious Carpet”

A delicious carpet indeed!

Who doesn’t love pizza right? Especially a pizza as big as this carpet! Her artistic vision came to life through this digital photo manipulation of a pizza all sticky-up to her feet. Just another example of her work where she let loose herself and tagged along with simple daily essentials in life.

“Disturbing Way to Shower”

Posted on her Instagram account with a caption – “Look inside yourself, 1 or 2?”

To top it all of, this is by far the most cringe photo manipulation in her account! With a caption of “Look inside yourself, 1 or 2” you could tell how she metaphorically implied one’s confusion of his/her identity. It is relatable as we often find ourselves lost in the search for who we truly are. But for sure – this image just makes us wonder why and how she came up with such weird ways.

It might truly be a wonder how one’s artwork is depicted strangely but definitely worth the critic’s cringe. As art is an expression – Sheidlina surely paved her name to the art world with her bizarre interpretations.