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Babysitter Who Feels ‘Betrayed’ After Starring In ‘Borat’ Gets $150,000 From GoFundMe In 4 Days

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In the newly-released movie “Borat 2” starring Sacha Baron Cohen, the infamous character of Borat goes on a mission to “gift” his daughter, Tutar, to Vice President Mike Pence on behalf of his country, Kazakhstan.

Tutar was played by actress Maria Bakalova, but some people featured in the movie thought they were part of a documentary, not a mockumentary.

A 62-year-old babysitter named Jeanise Jones says she was under the assumption that she was in a documentary about repressed women from impoverished nations.

Jeanise turned out to be the most kind and compassionate “character” in the film, though she was simply being herself.

She spoke to Maria’s character about female empowerment and was visibly concerned for her well-being.



That’s why, when Jeanise discovered she was actually playing a critical role in “Borat 2,” she says she felt betrayed.

She claims producers told her she would probably “never see the movie” and that it would only be released in the UK.

Following her appearance in the film, Jeanise was laid off from her job because of the pandemic. But by this point, she already had gained a ton of fans.

Her pastor started a GoFundMe, and in just a few days it beyond exceeded its goal.

Watch the video below to see how complete strangers from all over the country have banded together to help Jeanise get back on her feet.

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