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Black Woman Left Bound And Upside Down In Police Car Says She Cried Watching Bodycam Video

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In August 2019, 28-year-old Shataeah Kelly called 911 to report that a strange man had aggressively approached her outside a library.

Levi Huffine, a former police officer, arrived to investigate — but he ended up taking Shataeah into custody instead when she allegedly became combative.

After arresting her and putting her in his police car, Shataeah slipped off the backseat, falling headfirst onto the floor. By this point, the doors were locked and there was no way for her to escape the situation.

For 21 terrifying minutes, she was left upside-down and hogtied in the backseat.

Shataeah kept calling out for help, struggling to breathe and saying she did not want to break her neck, or end up dying.

According to police documents, the officer “did not look to see what had happened.”

KIRO reported that the female detention officer at the jail couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw Shataeah upside-down and tied up in the car.

“Honey, why are you head-down like that?” she asked.

“Cause he wouldn’t let me up,” Shataeah cried.

Now, over a year later, the body cam footage has been released. Shataeah says that watching the footage of the incident has left long-lasting scars.

“I never knew how bad a heart could feel until I watched that video, and I was like, ‘How could you treat another person like that?’ Animals don’t even deserve to be treated like that, and what you did was you treated me less than the dirt on the ground.”

The officer was terminated for his actions in February 2020, and Shataeah has publicly thanked the police chief for removing Huffine from his position.

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