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‘Borat’ Prank Horrifies Group Of Dads And Daughters At Georgia Cotillion

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The cotillion ball is a Southern tradition and formal event intended to teach manners and etiquette to young women. The cotillion concludes with a final dinner, and dance performance, so the participants can show off all they’ve learned.

In the clip below, a group of dads and daughters from Georgia are in attendance at an old-fashioned cotillion. They’ve been told that a few special guests would be arriving to film a documentary about their cotillion. These guests of honor were going to be a father and daughter who traveled from Eastern Europe to take part in the event.

As expected, it was jaw-dropping and raunchy —

But during the guests’ entrance, it quickly became clear that this dad and daughter had something else in mind. And things got pretty raunchy, leaving the guests in complete shock.

What they didn’t know was that this was no ordinary dad and daughter who’d just walked in. In reality, it was actor and comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, who was wearing a disguise and going undercover during the filming of his second “Borat” movie.

He was there to pull a prank on the cotillion participants, and his very inappropriate “daughter” was actually a paid actress.

Will Davis, a local newspaper publisher and dad who attended the cotillion with his daughter Abby, said they had no idea it was Borat himself.

“When she lifted her skirt everybody was horrified,” he said. Apparently the people who organized the cotillion were not too happy with Cohen’s undercover antics.

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