California Cop Allegedly Caught Stealing From Dead Man On Security Camera

On July 20, 2020, a sheriff’s deputy from Yorba Linda, California, went to perform a welfare check on an elderly man. When the deputy arrived, he discovered the homeowner had died from natural causes.

In the weeks after the man’s death, his attorney told authorities that several items had gone missing from the home, including ceiling fans and weapon safes containing guns.

Then, the attorney handed over some footage recorded by the home security cameras in the days following the homeowner’s death — and the sheriff’s department was shocked by what the footage revealed.

That same sheriff’s deputy who found the elderly man deceased was allegedly caught on camera returning to the same home a week later, wearing his uniform.

Steve Hortz, a 12-year veteran of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, reportedly broke into the unoccupied house. Over the course of the next several days, he paid even more visits wearing plain clothes.

And he didn’t leave empty-handed.

Watch the video below to see why Hortz has been arrested and place on administrative leave … and why his suspected criminal actions are being called “inexcusable and intolerable” by the same people who oversaw his duties as a trusted sheriff’s deputy.

According to Fox13, “Hortz was one of more than a half-dozen deputies criminally charged or placed on leave for misconduct last week, including several who are accused of submitting false military orders claiming they were being called to serve.”

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