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Can You Figure Out The Missing Number?

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Here’s your challenge for today: you need to figure out which number belongs to the cow, but to find that out you need to pay attention to other animals and they’re numbers, think you know the connection?

Image: Fabiosa

It definitely took us some time to finally crack this riddle (we won’t tell whether or not we cheated and peaked at the answers).

Whenever you’re ready for the reveal, it’ll be waiting for you below.

Ready for the answer?
Here’s the reasoning behind the numbers: which sound does the pictured animal make? Bee – buzz, cat – meow, dog – bark, pigeon – coo, so that makes cow – moo.

Answer: cow’s number is 3.

Isn’t it funny how easy this riddle actually is? This is why 1st graders can solve it very quickly, they just don’t complicate it!