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Can You Spot All Of The Animals Hiding In This Picture? 95% Of Viewers Will Fail!

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Take a close look at the pic bellow and tell us what you see. You’ve probably taken notice of several animal shapes by now. Your job is to try and spot as many animals as possible!

Before scrolling down for the solution, make sure to let us know how many animals you found, and don’t forget to share Please Share On Facebook/Pinterest with your friends and challenge them to follow suit.

By now, you’re probably sure that you’ve got the correct answer. And if your answer is 12, you’re right!

As seen below, there are a total of 12 animals hiding in the picture. The animals include an elephant, manta ray, fish, dolphin, snake, another fish, horse, dog, dragonfly, penguin, cat, and a mouse.

Did you manage to find them all? If not, here’s another chance to prove yourself! Check out the picture below and tell us how many animals you’ve spotted this time.