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Cardi B Says The Reason She’s Divorcing Offset Has Nothing To Do With Rumors: ‘I Just Got Tired’

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Cardi B announced she is divorcing Offset, her husband of four years, in Atlanta earlier this week. The pair share one daughter together, Kulture.

There are a lot of rumors out there about why the two are divorcing in the first place. Some people think it’s because Offset has allegedly been cheating on Cardi for most of their relationship, and others believe it might be because Offset is tired of Cardi’s image. Cardi appears to be a little tired of reading rumor after rumor, and decided to set the record straight.

In a video she posted to her Instagram Stories, Cardi lays out the real reason for the split:

“Every single time that this guy has been so crazy, so [expletive] up and it hits the media, I’m always crying, always sad because I don’t like that type of [expletive]. This time, I wasn’t crying. You want to know why? The reason for my divorce is not because of none of that [expletive] that ever happened before. It’s not because of cheating. I’m seeing people be like, ‘Oh, he has a baby on the way.’ That’s a whole [expletive] complete lie. That’s the second time people are trying to pin babies over here. No, that’s [expletive].”

She went on to add that sometimes, a relationship is just done — and that’s okay.

“I just got tired of [expletive] arguing. I got tired of not seeing things eye-to-eye. When you feel like it’s just not the same anymore, before you actually get cheated on, I’d rather just leave. Nothing crazy out of this world happened, sometimes people really do grow apart. I been with this man for four years. I have a kid with this man, I have a household with this man…sometimes you’re just tired of the arguments and the build up. You get tired sometimes and before something happens, you leave.”

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