Cooking Hack: Get The Whole Family Involved

Meal planning and preparing can be one of the most tedious parts of parenting. Aside from finding something the whole family will enjoy, it can be a chore to simply get the uninterrupted time you need to slice, dice, and cook. We’ve got a hack for you, though: get dinner on the table while keeping the entire family entertained by bringing them in on the process. That’s right — this is a proposition that your kids help cook dinner, but it’s not such a crazy idea with this batch of classes from Nonna Live: Cooking Pasta.

You may be imagining your children throwing flour at each other while eggs roll off the counter and crack on the kitchen floor, but cooking as a family doesn’t have to be that chaotic. After all, don’t your kids always behave better in front of other people? This set of live cooking classes is taught by Italy’s own Nonna Nerina and her daughter Chiara and followed by your family while you cook conveniently from your own kitchen. The ten classes each come accompanied with a shopping list and utensil recommendations to ensure you have everything you need to make mouthwatering Italian classics.

This batch of cooking lessons isn’t a structured series of classes, so it can be flexible with your unpredictable schedule. Just select the type of class and your preferred time and date when you have one, and you’re set with Nonna Nerina and her family.

Learn the recipes and traditions that date back over 100 years and bring them into your own family through an engaging activity that will keep everyone entertained. Plus, get dinner on the table! Ten classes are 25% off at just $450 and when you sign up today, you’ll get an additional $600 in gift money to redeem even more classes from the iconic 84-year-old Italian grandmother.


Nonna Live: Cooking Pasta with Nonna & Family (10 Classes) – $450

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Byline: Violet Shepard

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