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Coronavirus Prayer

CORONAVIRUS PRAYER: I pray for healing for all those affected by this deadly virus. We pray that all negative outcomes to be resolved in Your Healing Hands. Amen.

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Dear God Please let there be a magical healing blessings on all and everyone around the World .  Mighty Lord hear our prayers 🙏 please heal the world lord.

I pray for the victim, all the medical staff who is there for helping out with the patients.

Lord please heal the people who are affected by corona virus and on the whole world. Please protect my family ,my friends , my relatives and all my love ones and all those that prayets. Amen

Hear our prayers oh,  Lord!  Protect us all for this kind of virus. Let this virus be out  to the whole world.
 Lord protect us all from getting sick of Corona Virus and please heal all those that already sick in your mighty name. Amen

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