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Couple Married For 60 Years Share Incredible Reunion After 215 Days Apart

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Joseph and Eve Loreth of Florida met at a roller skating rink in high school. Today, they’re both 80 years old and have been married for nearly 61 years.

They have five children and grandchildren in the double digits.

Joseph entered the hospital for an illness near the beginning of the pandemic. He needed to have his leg amputated before months of rehabilitation at Rosecastle at Delaney Creek assisted living facility.

Eve couldn’t visit her beloved Joseph because of the strict health and social distancing guidelines.

Five months later, Eve also checked into the same facility — but they still couldn’t see one another.

Over the course of the next seven months, the lovebirds kept their romance alive with daily phone calls and window visits.

And in the video below, they finally reunite after 215 days apart. It’s an emotional moment that has been seen by more than 100,000 viewers around the world.

“We got to witness these two resident love birds see and hug each other for the first time since the pandemic,” the staff members wrote on Facebook. “Get your tissues out!”

“I didn’t think I would ever get over here,” Joseph said. “I missed you so much … For sixty years I’ve done something right.”

See the adorable, tear-jerking moment in the clip below.

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